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I love creating efficient, good-looking websites and applications. I earned my application developer degree in 2018 at Regiocollege Zaandam. Right now, I am studying at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam to become a software engineer.

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Start of internship: 2017
End of internship: 2018

Using CodeIgniter (a PHP framework), I created an application that helps employees keep track of their costumers corporate design. I also created a lot of website designs for their customers.


Start of internship: 2017
End of internship: 2017

I assisted in building websites using Wordpress, managed website content, learned HTML and CSS and kept telephone contact with customers.

Hogeschool van Amsterdam - HBO

This is my current study. I am learning a lot about Java, PHP, Object Oriented Programming, Javascript, user experience design, no-sql databases, relational databases and intercultural communication.

Regio college - MBO-4

During my studies I learned how to build good looking websites, how object oriented programming works, got to work with people in the field, learned how to get the customers requirements clear, and much, much more.